what motivates a motivational-speaker/spiritual guru

In todays World , Motivational & Spiritual are Yet another Business Model, which is Highly Paid, Consistent Revenue Generation.

If we dont have this awareness unfortunately, we will be get caught in one of this for sure.

 What motivates a Motivational Speaker? , Basics: Fame, Money…

 And this too becomes an addiction, like going on taking doses from different Motivational Guru’s, following a bit of this Conditional Motivational Therapy then switch to others …

 What do they teach, bit of Time Management, Behavioural Enlightment, Positive Thinking, getting rich(in a hour/day/week) ultimately who gets rich(Newyork best sellers book-list, X million books sold), Relationship handling(how to make successful dates, successful marriage and so on), Health : Weight loss/Weight gain.

 On other hand , we all are held up in the hands of Spiritual Guru’s ….

 What do they teach, bit of Traditional Yoga, Meditation, Concentration, Breathing Exercises, Enlighting Energies, with a different names , this therapy that therapy…. bit of Quotes from Religious Books like Gita/Bible/….

 What motivates a Spiritual Guru?, Basics: Fame, Money…

As in one of my previous article, i had written about, Life is all about “Money, Relationship, Health”.  We all want good money/health/relationship.

If we dont have this in our life , then the society claims that we are a failure .

So, who capitalizes on our failure??? Most of the time, It’s not YOU, It’s someone else.

I am not against Being Motivational or Being Spiritual, I am making you aware of knowing the goals of your respective Motivational and spiritual Guru’s and dont blindly follow and get “Self-Fooled”, thinking you are acting smart. Be “Self-Aware”.

Is life a weighbalance?

The article title is “Is Life a Weighbalance” and that too the weighbalance is so smart enough to balance automatically…

What do i mean?

Is to gain some thing or expertise in some thing do i need to loose in an another area or i loose focus in other area and over a period of time i loose.

An Individual being successful in financial domain ,  most of the time looses focus either in family/relationship or in health.

on the contrary a person who is so focussed in health and family the proabability that he may not be shinning in financial or other domain is quiet obvious…

I do undergo enough pain to get my muscles toned (Gym)

I do undergo stress, mental tention, tired, to be successful in my career. There may be articles, books talking about stress management, work and fun and things like that , but all top business do undergo lot of stress..

The point here is you decide the pain for what you value the most .

God has structured so well about Life, HE has given ownership to each and everyone about their individual decisions, individual pains, what each one thinks to attain in their life/living say one want to venture in business, one want to excel in sports, one want to decide and dedicate his life to spirituality… we so called Virtual owners, but ultimately the Real Owner (God) decides what to put in the weigh balance to weigh for some it is nano-grams and for some one it is tons…

It is that moment of life what you are in to , could be right side or left side of the weighing machine, could be called success or could be called failure, could be  called pain or could be called gain.

what to look for to make dft friendly RTL

In today’s world DFT(Design for TEst) is an no-excuse and design teams struggle hard to cover all the portions of the failures caused due to manufacturing.

The science behind this is DFT, rather it goes with the article, how to design rtl, which is friendly to DFT.

What all we can think up-front to make sure that the turnaround time to perform scan-insertion is less and we dont see the warnings in our test-insertion tool and then go back to RTL to ensure that we have coded our logic and our constructs are friendly enough for execution.

Some of the DFT violations include,

Modelling Violations,

improperly driven tri-states violations,

Asynchronous signal active during scan violations

flop clock/set/reset input not controllable


to know more about this and to know how to code rtl to make DFT friendly visit the detailed article @


what do other look in you?


i often wonder why the hell others look only negatives what i have.

like, You could have managed your family better?

you should have thought about savings/brought in early financial security?

why are you getting bald early?

watch your tummy its growing?

so, what do they really want…

  • Do they want to get hold of the communication, and to convey that they are better off?
  • do they want to pull me down, why the hell they cannot see the good things i have and spread the positive energy
  • why they want to pull me down.

so the bottom-line is “you know better rather best about you” so never get you down, just because other person want to pull you down, keep yourselves away of the negative energies around you, it will eat your brain and stop you moving forward and be successfule.

Be positive and spread positive energies around.

how to schedule my day after layoff?


i am totally pissed off…. everywhere there is negative energies, colleagues , friends, neighbours are getting laid-off…

how do i get busy, and what i do today, how do i spend my time?

Do i partition  a day to cry, get depressed , eat and sleep or i schedule in a different way…

Huge transition when my outlook calendar gets overlapped to no entry in my calendar… what next??

now lets  plan ..

  • Let me do financial budgetting, let me remember and do my budgetting and create a chart what i can call as necessity and what i can partition in luxury. Luxury portion needs to be revisited either to remove it completely or postpone like vacation,party, buying costly dresses, cars …
  • Is there any way i can generate some money.
  • This duration you can opt to strengthen your skills to “Sharpen your Saw” , check whether you can improve on your skills could be technical skills, soft skills, work on the area which needs improvement, we didnot found time to strengthen us , now if time and money permits can think of that. Do some certification, short-courses, higher studies.
  • Write blog/maintain web-site share your work-experiences, educate others , now we need to increase self-moral. “Sharing is an art”
  • Work on your areas of improvement
  • Spend time with your family ,  we all had a complaint that work-life balance was not possible earlier, now we can work on the family.
  • Spend time with your pets, they are stress bursters, will reduce our stress .

Energize yourself , your family, your friends, your neighbours, create positive energy amoung you around you, get charged and move on…

how to write a resume?

Employer recieves lot of applications and now it is recession time as well and so many of them apply for the same post.

To know more visit @



  •  how to make sure i get an edge over others?
  • how to increase the probability of getting the resume selected?
  • Can i write write resume in a paragraph?
  • what all i need to put in my resume?
  • Can i write a booklet as my resume or is there some restriction to the number of pages?
  • what i should place in my first page?
  • what all information i need to publish interms of projects?

Cover in the First page

You have only one chance , your first page should speak about yourself, it is rare chance if your first page is not so impressive its harder to have a second chance to turn the page though you might have done wonders in the pages to come, so spend lot of time , in editing and compiling the first page


  • Always have an Objective as the first point
  • Let your objective be crystal clear as a "Win-Win situation", Your employer should gain by sharing your experience to have a faster turn-around time,with Quality as well as you also gain with Remuneration and Recognition
  • Now comes the important part " Profile Section/Skills"
  • Your Technical Skills , Strengths, Tools,
  • Your Patents, Papers, Certifications
  • Write about your current Employer
  • Your Roles /Designation

Next pages

  • Explain about your projects. Title, Roles, Complexity, Tools/Languages/Protocols used
  • Good Abstract about the project, dont write everything in this , just be short and sweet so that in your interview you have something to share
  • More over write the projects from your latest one to the oldest one, no-body is interested to know what you done ten years ago, and things ,tools, languages, methodologies change so dynamically
  • Write few lines about your complexity of your Role, no stories

Employer history

  • Write about your Employers from latest to the oldest
  • Write your duration
  • Write your Roles,
  • Write your Designation


  • List down your Certifications
  • List down your attended Tutorials
  • List down attended Workshops
  • List down attended Conferences


  • Mention your Visas, incase if you have Work-Visas
  • If you are multi-lingual mention it adds value
  • Your interests, let it align with the Objective or goal

how to write a resume