how to schedule my day after layoff?


i am totally pissed off…. everywhere there is negative energies, colleagues , friends, neighbours are getting laid-off…

how do i get busy, and what i do today, how do i spend my time?

Do i partition  a day to cry, get depressed , eat and sleep or i schedule in a different way…

Huge transition when my outlook calendar gets overlapped to no entry in my calendar… what next??

now lets  plan ..

  • Let me do financial budgetting, let me remember and do my budgetting and create a chart what i can call as necessity and what i can partition in luxury. Luxury portion needs to be revisited either to remove it completely or postpone like vacation,party, buying costly dresses, cars …
  • Is there any way i can generate some money.
  • This duration you can opt to strengthen your skills to “Sharpen your Saw” , check whether you can improve on your skills could be technical skills, soft skills, work on the area which needs improvement, we didnot found time to strengthen us , now if time and money permits can think of that. Do some certification, short-courses, higher studies.
  • Write blog/maintain web-site share your work-experiences, educate others , now we need to increase self-moral. “Sharing is an art”
  • Work on your areas of improvement
  • Spend time with your family ,  we all had a complaint that work-life balance was not possible earlier, now we can work on the family.
  • Spend time with your pets, they are stress bursters, will reduce our stress .

Energize yourself , your family, your friends, your neighbours, create positive energy amoung you around you, get charged and move on…

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